Sapphire Jewelry

Custom Sapphire Jewelry in Anchorage AlaskaNot all precious gems can live up to the symbolic value of Sapphire. Likewise, not all jewelry truly represents our most cherished values in a relationship. A custom sapphire ring or pendant speaks volumes about commitment and honor, truth and faithfulness. Sapphire has captured our hearts and minds for centuries—through real-world events and fairytales—and continues to remain a significant gem in our ever-changing world of jewelry fashion.

The Gemological Institute of America has provided a more in-depth look at sapphire history and variation to help you decide if fine sapphire jewelry will captivate your loved one. Read more here.

In the event sapphire is missing from your jewelry box, Giamante of Anchorage, Alaska can assist in choosing designer sapphire jewelry or creating a custom piece that means so much more.