Choosing the Metal

Which metal is best for you?

Giamante can help you choose the right metal for your custom jewelry. Choosing the metal you want for your engagement ring or wedding band is one of the most important jewelry decisions you will ever make. Not only will this make a difference on the big day, unlike menu choices, colour schemes and wedding cake, it will be a decision you are affected by every day for the rest of your married life.

Intrinsic value

This is the basic worth of the metal. Prices of all metals fluctuate according to supply and demand by consumers. The more pure and rare a metal, the more limited its availability tends to be. Scarcity drives demand making a metal like platinum more likely to maintain its intrinsic value over time.

Life Span

A metal’s ability to withstand wear and tear. Platinum is highly durable and naturally white, and will therefore last for generation after
generation. Precious-metal Purity How much precious metal content does your ring actually have? 18ct white or yellow gold is 75% pure whilst platinum is mostly 95% pure. In the latter case you get more precious metal for your money.


Hypoallergenic metals reduce or minimise the possibility of an allergic response by minimising potentially irritating substances. Platinum is the only truly hypoallergenic precious jewellery metal.

Surface Strength

How much metal (and consequently value) will a ring lose to scratching and denting? All metals scratch, but with gold that scratch
actually removes a sliver of metal. With platinum scratching just ripples the surface. The displaced metal can be moved back into place with polishing.

Restoration Factor

Can your ring be made to look new again? Can it be refinished, re-sized, or re-conditioned easily? Platinum performs beautifully in each case.


This relates not only to the scarcity of a given metal, but to the demand for it in uses other than jewellery. For example, supplies
of platinum are very limited with jewellery competing with industrial requirements. Greater demand on a smaller supply makes platinum more highly prized.

The visual aid below will help you understand some aspects and characteristics of Platinum and Gold and help you choose a metal for your ring.

Learn about precious metals and why choosing the right metal matters. Your Anchorage jewelry expert at Giamante can assist you in choosing the right metal for your jewelry.