Find Exquisite Diamonds in Anchorage

Giamante’s diamond source is strictly compliant with all industry guidelines, to include the Kimberley Process, and abides by a code of ethics. We welcome our customers to ask questions and learn more about the diamonds they are buying. Read more…

Giamante of Anchorage proudly uses responsibly resourced diamonds.

When diamonds are responsibly and ethically resourced, this means that there is a focus to bring transparency and traceability to the precious gems used by jewelers. To meet this standard, diamonds produced for jewelry must come from responsible and fair supply chains that properly address environmental justice, human rights for the workers, and the rights of the indigenous people’s respected lands and mineral wealth. Only then will the diamonds produced be used by Giamante. Read More…


Find the perfect diamonds in Anchorage

You will find the most beautiful designed and responsibly resourced diamonds in Anchorage at Giamante.

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